December 2015


Welcome to Bibliotours! We offer tours in the British Isles with an emphasis on historic libraries and rare books.

Under the general title “Books in Libraries, Libraries in Context,” our itineraries include ancient cathedrals, stately mansions, famous colleges and universities, along with civic and private sites. While of particular appeal to book-lovers of all kinds, our tours also offer a vivid exposure to the history and culture, the art, architecture, gardens and landscapes of the areas we visit.

Enrollment on the tours is limited in order to maximize the camaraderie among participants, increase ease of group movement, and make more possible access to historic sites off the normal tourist routes.

Bibliotours has now completed three tours. The first, in 2011, visited areas in England. The second, in 2013, traveled from England to Scotland and back. The third and most recent, in 2015, traveled in Ireland, both the Republic and Northern Ireland.

You can find an illustrated summary of these three trips below.

Future trips will be announced on this website. Meanwhile feel free to email enquiries to:

Jonathan Hill

December 2015