November 2016

In its years of existence, Bibliotours has accomplished three memorable trips to the UK and Ireland. Full of wonderful libraries and books, houses and the gardens, cities, towns and landscapes, they also offered the camaraderie and knowledge of those in the groups.

Among the happiest participants was my wife and co-leader, Barbara. With Barbara’s passing last year, Bibliotours has lost an indispensable ingredient of its success, an open-hearted, enthusiastic traveling companion and leader. Without her, Bibliotours would not be the same. And so, it is with great regret, though with grateful and vivid memories, that I bring Bibliotours to a close. Over some five years, it provided three great journeys, and together these have turned out to be its final destination.

I wish all of you who have joined us, or who have been intrigued by the narrative summaries this website offers, further pleasure in your own book journeys and further delight in all things bibliophilic.

Jonathan Hill